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eletric patio door operator


When a moving object close to  the door, The door is automatically opened and closed. This is So-called 

automatic door. Now automatic sliding door is more and more widely used in commercial and residential like hotels, home, banks, office buildings, hospitals, shops, etc., Now we will talk something about the maintenance for automatic sliding door operator.

3. Often check the screw parts and belt of the automatic sliding door, there is no loosening of the situation and timely processing to prevent its complete fall off, otherwise will cause greater safety risks.

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It is improtant that do the regularly check and maintanence work for automatic sliding door



2. Have a regular time to check for the automatic sliding door operator parts to find if there is a phenomenon of wear and tear, if found, to promptly repair.


4. Check the operation system of automatic sliding door, such as the speed of its running, the open area and the close area is normal and so on. And other parameters. If there are unreasonable places, it is necessary to adjust on time.

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Here are some suggestion about the maintanence:

1. To have a good habits of cleaning, regular clean automatic sliding door operator, so as not to have too much impurity on the door, thus hindering the normal operation of automatic door.

Automatic sliding door operator maintenance


Due to the quality of the installation and the using circumstance, when the automatic sliding door is in use of the process will inevitably lead to some problems. If the automatic sliding door operator long-time lack of maintenance, it will resulting in automatic doors exist hidden and small failures are not processed in time, will develope a small fault into a big problem, which may eventually lead to automatic door paralysis and failure to use.

6. "LEADER" automatic door remind you again that when using of automatic sliding door in the process, once the abnomal, we must promptly resolve the problems, so as not to bring greater safety risks. While reminder other staff  to avoid dangerous incidents.

5. In addition, not only the normal inspection and clean the automatic sliding door, but also regular lubricants, to improve the flexibility of automatic door operation.