Manually release clutch when power failure




1.Electric swing gate operator                              2. Transmitter                   3. Control board

4. Alarm lamp optional                                           5. Photocell optional

** Soft start and soft stop,ensures the motor working steady and smoothly
**Emergency release key in case of power failure
**Dual/Single gate running mode
**Adjustable opening/closing interval between master and slave gate
**Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing.
**Built in adjustable auto-close time
**Copper made worm gear driving design ensures the motor longer working life and extremely quiet.
** DC 24V low voltage motor that is safe and compatible with back-up power supply.

​**Super quick manually release with secure customized key in process of power failure.

**The swing gate opener have been field tested by EU and US clients with Min 48,000 open/close cycles.

LEAD TIME: 1-5 Days

Installation for electric door operator
smartphone control for swing gate



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1.It can detect the tiny obstruction during gate closing or opening and make the gate open automatically.Avoiding people and gate opener from hurting.

2.The valid detecting rang og the photo cell is 10 meters.

Caution light

When the person force entering the house, the caution light will light and sound.

Access keypad

Connecting with the access keypad, you can set the code or using the card to control the gate access.

Smartphone control

Connect with WI-FI, open the electric swing gate by cellphone

Camera video

Constantly monitor the gate

Solar power system

​20W high quality solar power panel for gate operator


SHIPPING: Worldwide by sea or by                    express delivery


PORT: Shanghai or Ningbo etc.


Input voltage: 24VDC  

Motor’s power: 40W  

Rotational speed: 450RPM
Rod’s running speed: 1.6cm/s  

Rod’s max travel: 300mm

Max single-leaf length  2.5m 
Max single-leaf weight: 200KG

Environment temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃

Protection class: IP44

Wireless mode: Control by cellphone


Solar power for electric swing gate operator
automatic swing gate opener
Dimension of swing gate operator

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MODEL:Swing gate operator PKM C01

Electric Swing Gate Operator

WARRANTY: 24 Months




The swing gate can be opened by your smartphone by connect with WI-FI. Also it can be install with solar power systems.

The design of electric swing gate operator is stylish, giving your house a veneer of luxury, and will protect your family, as well as any pets you’d like to keep safe in your yard.

Automatic swing gate can be used for residential and commercial applications. Like your house gate, garage door, factory security gate. This electric swing gate actuator  has a powerful 24VDC motors, which provide exceptional starting torque and features soft start / stop operation. This promotes gate and operator for a long time life, as well as dependable performance.All the automatic swing gate opener are pre-tested for many times, make sure it's good quality.

Elegant design and versatile application for gates that are opened and closed frequently.
The slender structure permits excellent integration with the gate and makes installation easy.

Manual release key for automatic swing gate