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automatic revolving door system

​ Revolving doors occupy a small building area, but it can create a large passage space, which is other types of doors can not be compared, and it allows people to pass at the same time can also keep the indoor and outdoor temperature isolation, so effective To protect the indoor temperature, to achieve a certain energy saving effect, and can isolate the invasion of external dust, with great practicality, beautiful and simple shape so that many buildings in the early construction has been set to use the revolving door.

The use of the revolving door can also be safe, and his builtin fault display device can quickly determine the location of the fault, and the edge sensor is installed on the edge of the entrance door of the revolving door, so that it can effectively ensure that people and objects are not squeezed , While the object will not be in the rotation of the revolving door of the collision, and the revolving door can also be equipped with emergency open device, so that when the fire when the door wing equivalent, leaving for the flow of people through the space.

    The two-wing revolving automatic doors are designed with the upper ring structure and the suspension of the movable fan so that the two motors are mounted on the ring structure and then the connected drive wheels are run on the circular guide rails on the column or fixed fan The Two wings of the revolving door of the two activities of the middle of the fan set to push the automatic door or manually open the door, so you can switch with the rotating fan, you can also set the emergency open function.



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Something about revolving door

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Revolving door are very popular in our life, it is not only beautiful but also very practical, so it was so much recognition, the type of revolving door varied, want to choose their own of the type, first of all we need to have a understanding of the revolving door, the following we come to understand.

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