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1. The automatic door, whether in open position or closed position, has no movement after power, full open but without closing automated, and give singal when full closed but without opening. This kind of situation is complicated, may be no electricity, or door leaf is mechanical fault binding, or controller crashes, first check whether the controller power indicator light is lit, hand door leaf with a belt drive is arduous, if the first two is normal. Then you should make automatic door restart to see if recovery at a time.

2. Automatic door keep closed after people go after induction. Then people leave,  the door open and no longer shut down after opening in place, this kind of phenomenon is the easiest to users understand into, don't shut it doesn't work because it didn't open, closed didn't pass, so panic, actually this is not a fault, just put the strap connector installed backwards, or single door open direction setting questions, suggested two kinds of way can solve: 1 about a transfer belt buckle fittings 2 adjustable controller, closed around after the electric switch toggle switch, energized again can be normal use.


Normallly automatic door will open and clsoe in good condition, but sometimes if installation or some other reasons may cause automatic sliding door failure to use. Today we will introduce how to solve the problem about automatic door can not open or close normally.

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how to solve automatic door can not open or close