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Check working condition of automatic door


Automatic sliding door is a common kind of decorative category products in modern life, its general mainly used in hotels, hotels, banks, office buildings, hospitals, traffic was larger in public places such as shops. Why use automatic induction door in these places, that is because can save air conditioning energy, reduce noise, wind, dustproof, can make our entrance appears dignified and high-grade. However, because there are many kinds of automatic sliding doors produced in the market, consumers must have some knowledge in the process of purchasing

According to the installation of automatic door environment and requirements, choose right parts

1. Sensor selection:

In high-end hotels and office buildings, you can select highly sensitive sensors. Because these areas have a larger flow of people, use more frequently.Banks on the edge of the sidewalk, shops and other places where people are often passing by, select a narrow range of sensors.

2. Safety device:

In high-end hotels and other places need to eliminate the automatic door clamping event, can choose to install safety beam.

3. Install access control system and electric lock:

Some place like self-service bank can increase the installation of self-access banking access control system and install electric locks to achieve the control of going in and going out

4. Install a backup battery:

If you want the automatic sliding door keep working after power failure, you can install a backup battery.

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