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4. Having daily inspections and regular maintenance. It is advisable that inspections should be done every morning whenever the power has just been turned on as well as when there is just a light traffic of people passing by the automatic door. Inspection after losing the electrical power should be a routine to prevent malfunction of the automatic door.

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Safety knowledge is important to keep people out of danger and accidents by automatic doors. It should include the right kind sign, sensor, emergency buttons and most important is daily inspection for the automatic door. Safety rules for automatic doors should be strictly practiced to prevent injury to passing people


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2. Sensor devices which will enable it to stop before it could even strike a people passing through the automatic door and even move object. 

4 safety knowledge prevent accident by automatic door

1.One of the most effective safety rules for automatic doors is the put a sign on top or beside the automatic door which makes people aware of the existence of automatic doors on their way in or way out. Signs should be very visible and clear. It is advisable that the signs should be in all capital letters and big enough to make people notice the warning it conveys.

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3. The presence of emergency stop buttons is also one of the important safety knowledge for automatic sliding doors when pushing the stop button to stop the the automatic door, preventing further damage and harm to passing people.