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A few days ago there was a local report saying that a child was hit by a sensor door, not a good sensor automatic door? How could a child be hit?In fact, there are blind spots in the automatic sliding door. At the top of the automatic door, there is a sensor probe, which is automatically open  the door  when the sensor detect people approached. Because of sensor detection has a limit, its induction area is a fan-shaped area, show 120 degrees in the area, and the front of door 180 degrees of semicircle region, that is to say, on both sides and area of the sensing probe can be induced. When the door closed wiht high speed, the man stand in the induction blind area, casually stretched out his hand and foot, due to the sensor can not detect, the door will remain closed, the hands or feet will be clamped. When children encounter this kind of situation, they not like an adult rapid response, so it is very dangerous.

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Therefore, normally automatic door should be equipped with an infrared anti-clamp device to improve safety ( safety beam ).When you go in and out of the automatic door, remember not to stretch your legs any more.

Automatic sensor door


Sensor blind area of automatic sliding door
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Although automatic doors are easy to use, when the people came near the automatic door, the door will open automatically, people walk away, the door will automatically close, seemingly intelligent automatic door, but there are not induction some times, accurately, there are induction blind area. So where is the induction blind area of the automatic door?Let's take a look at the details.

Sensor blind area of automatic sliding door



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