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automatic swing door opener

Magnetic motor (linear motor) to solve the direct linear motion problems, eliminating the need for rotating motor with gear box through the synchronous gear belt will be transformed into linear motion rotary motion, reducing a series of transmission structure, is the best way to drive, but the linear control and feedback system is difficult to control, our company finally made a breakthrough after ten years, but because of the use of load-bearing polyacetal wheels will inevitably roll noise, and the other is the motor current noise, the two noise sources have been the focus of attention, we have been to solve these two issues as a top priority, after more than a year of research on polyurethane wheels and millions of tests has finally solved the wheel noise source problem, the other current noise in my team continued efforts, in a straight line With the help of motor professors and related experts, we have finally made a major breakthrough today! Solved it!

We invite our customer come to listen to noise before, and then asked them to listen to the current noise after the solution, we all agreed that before you can hear the noise, and never heard after the solution, which marks the complete solution to the noise problem, as magnetic door system development. All the problems are satisfactorily resolved, resulting in structural problems can be applied according to different needs of the mold can be it! Magnetic levitation will create a new era of intelligent doors with unmatched advantages! ! !


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automatic swing door


With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human living standards, automatic door become popular. And they also want high quality without noise to make them uncomfortable. But most of automatic door have noise, most automatic door company want to solve this problem, now our company have a solution - magnetic door systems

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Low noise automatic door system - magnetic door systems