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Test whether the openning and closing direction is right

Turn off the power, manually push the door in half open, then turn on the power. If the door go to close, then the direction is right. If  the door go to open, then the direction is wrong, need to adjusted.

Test to find the right opening direction

Attached please find the instruction. Take off one section arm which connect to the door, and keep another section connect to the opener.  

Keep another section arm which connect to the opener.  

1. Set a high open angle, keep the door open, power off, power on, Press the push button, the opener begin to rotate with the arm
2. After rotate some angle, Then you can use your hand manually block or stop the moving arm in a opening position(That mean the door find the fully open position), then the arm begin to turn back.
3. If the arm can turn  total about 180°, That mean the open angle be set successful and worked. 

Test to find the right closing speed

Also take off one section arm, and keep another one, same as the picture.  Power off, Power on,  The opener begin to close first, use hand to manually block or stop it in a closing position, the two LED lights are on, that mean the door find the fully closing postion, then press the push button, to see the arm whether can turn about 180°. 




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Please do some test before you install a automatic swing door opener. In case some time there are some problems after you complete the swing door opener.

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