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Opening size
Identify the width of opening. The in-stock swing gates are available in various sizes (12, 14, 16 & 18 feet). The sizes are in the clear measurements, not the actual panel size of the gate. Custom swing gates can be offered by manufacturers if you want a specific size that is not shown in their standard sizes.






How to choose suitable swing gate opener for your house



Automatic swing gate mechanism

Security level
Do you want the swing gate to strengthen the security of your house, or simply want it to be installed to add decoration? A secure swing gate could be designed to look attractive for your eye, however, some decorative gates are not a perfect option if you want to keep homeless animals and strangers out of your property.
Make sure the swing gate for house use is sturdy and high, making it hard for unauthorized persons to climb over. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your villa should look like a dreadful prison. The point here is to plan on how to keep your gate locked.

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Swing gates are made of many different materials, so take time to consider what really appeals to your personal preference. You can choose from steel gates or aluminum gates. Other choices are available. Wrought iron is one of the leading choices because of its anti-corrosive elements, while wood gates are perfect options due to their cost and aesthetics. The only downfall is that, wood gates require more maintenance compared to metal gates.

electric swing door opener

We cannot think of the best greeting to our house than a gate that reminds us of what’s important to our family inheritance and security. In addition to adding value to our property, swing gates also discourage solicitors from our doorstep. Thus, complete security is guaranteed.

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