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LMD sliding door opener become popular


automatic swing door

With the development of LMD sliding doors, we have cooperate with many big company like "Huawei". They use our product for their computer data center. Every month they order 200-500sets from us. 


The linear magnetic drive sliding door is a new automatic door drive device. Through the magnet and the coil attracts, the repulsion creates the impetus to push the door. As a result of a significant reduction in the action of the friction point, so the door opening and closing to achieve an unprecedented smooth and quiet. In this way the friction point is small, the noise is less than 40 decibels, resilience is lessthan 10N below. 



With the improvement of people's living quality. More and more people want their life become easier. Most manual things are replaced by machine. We can see doors everywhere, we have to passing through the doors many times per day. That's why automatic doors became popular. 


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Automatic sliding doors

Magnetic sliding door



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Automatic door include automatic swing door and automatic sliding doors. For sliding doors, we can see it everywhere like supermarket, shops, offices etc. Mostly it's brushless motor together belt drive. This types automatic sliding doors most problems are the noise, need to do many maintenance jobs. Now our company have a new type automatic sliding door opener. It solve this problem.