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magnetic lock for swing door
electro-magnetic door lock for sliding door

5. cut steel verticality: cut steel in principle to minimize hand touch or stained with stains, qualified magnetic lock steel vertical and parallel degree of the standard as possible. Cut steel plate to be good or bad to cut steel with or without oxidation traces.

4. Insulation value: the standard qualified magnetic lock its lock body insulation value should be infinite as well, the specific value should be more than 50 megohms; specific test position for cutting steel and lock body output line.

automatic swing door

How to identification the quality of electromagnetic door lock

automatic sliding glass door

Magnetic lock should be identified from various technical indicators, the standard qualified magnetic lock, generally provide 12V and 24V two input voltage (single coil and double coil difference), they are selected through the jumper to switch. To determine the merits of a magnetic lock, there are several ways:




As we know electro-magnetic door lock is very important for access comntrol of automatic door. It can limit people access from inside or outside door. There are many types of magnetic door lock on the market. So, How to identification the quality of electromagnetic door lock ?

2. Resistance measurement: first magnetic switch lock 12V and 24V disconnect jumper (Note: no power), generally have four terminals (jumper), measuring the red and black lines, the resistance in the 50 ohm or so is better.


1. Circuit board: poor magnetic lock can be judged from the circuit board, poor magnetic lock circuit board printing rough, the layout is very simple, not the use of varistors (that is, surge device, there are two), and only one Group voltage input.



7. cut steel distance: the main concern cut steel thickness should be 0.35mm for the best, the current market are more use of 0.5mm cut steel; lock the cut steel plate arrangement closer the better , Pay attention to observe the arrangement of steel cut-off do not appear infiltration phenomenon.

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6. Glue inspection: the magnetic lock can not appear in the colloid bubble, should be flat and tidy, no cracks, the angle of Founder.

3. Power measured after the current value: the magnetic lock 12V voltage through the measured after the current value, and the label is consistent with those who better. 280KG (600 pounds) of the magnetic lock is generally better in the 400-450 mA, if less than 450 mA is not enough tension; if the pass 24V voltage, the marked value or the actual value should be 200 mA.