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 History of revolving doors



The automatic revolving door is the product of the technology of the photoelectromechanical integration in the construction equipment. Not only gives a person the feeling of amiable and generous, but also can build luxurious atmosphere, use its brand-new concept, capacious door and high style design, can say is a building's bright spot.It is already based on the most front-end of the building era.Therefore, the revolving door has its unique development in function.

It has been more than 100 years since the first revolving door was invented in 1903. To this day, the revolving door has a reliable security system and advanced driving technology. Due to the development of the automatic revolving door abroad early, its technology is relatively mature, automatic revolving door drive system technology with energy saving, low noise, stable and long service life, reliable performance, etc. The control system adopts the system of digital design as the control center, which has the advantages of more powerful functions and simpler operation. Test security system adopts advanced infrared and microwave induction technology, is used to sense objects move, the operating body action, using a variety of security detection sensor, achieve the crowded, prevent clip and anti-collision function.

Now the automatic revolving door USES the current advanced communication and network technology, so that the maintenance of automatic door is no longer restricted by time, region and professional maintenance technology. The automatic door can be made to the optimal operation state. When an abnormality occurs, it can transmit the fault information accurately, realize remote maintenance, shorten maintenance, and maintain time. The LCD screen is used for visual design, full realistic door speed, state and failure information.There's a lot of automatic revolving doors that we don't really understand. So we should know more about this knowledge, so that we can make more use of its advantages to make contribution to us.

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As more and more people begin to choose automatic revolving door,  do you know the development history of revolving doors?