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Nowadays, in crowded public occasions, such as railway stations, airports, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings and so on, the main entrances and exits are installed automatic door, automatic door is given priority to with translation. When use normal automatic sliding door in the case of power cuts, and some emergency situations, and the door can't normal open and close, and people will subconsciously rushed to the door, automatic door if unable to open or channel is narrow, accidents will happen.​ So it's important for us use emergency breakout automatic sliding doors.

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Why we need breakout automatic sliding door?


The emergency evacuation breakout automatic door is the basic on automatic sliding door which adding the mechanical principle of the emergency push device, no matter the automatic door in any position, the entire door body can be pushed from the inside. And it doubles the normal width of the operation.Through the research found that double passage width, personnel pass rate can increase six times in the case of sudden crowded, ordinary automatic sliding doors not work properly, pedestrians can't through, breakout automatic doors can be emergency away for pedestrians pass.

China as a big country, researchers focused area evacuation emergency treatment measures is limited, so there was a stampede in the event of an emergency, often occur in almost all of the mall is security measures is decorating a process, enterprises have to consider one of the important factors.