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Other precautions should take care:

Never use a door leaf that exceeds the specified weight, otherwise it will cause failure.

For selection of batteries
- Please use them after charging for 24 hours. 
- The service life of batteries lasts for 3-5 years at an ambient temperature of 0℃-40 ℃.
 Excessive temperature will shorten the service life of batteries.
- If after charging 24 hours the battery still doesn't work, it shows the service life has expired. Replace it immediately.
-Check batteries each half year.

For selection of electronic lock
Never use it in an environment beyond an ambient temperature of 0℃-40℃ , otherwise it will cause malfunction.
Using our brand electronic lock, and special installing brackets. If not using our lock, please make sure the quality of lock, or the bad electronic lock will cause problem to controller





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Cautions for install automatic sliding door operator 2


Please check detail safety cautions as follows:

​1, Never use the door in a place subject to dampness, vibration or corrosive gas,otherwise it will cause such accidents as fire, electric shocks or fall.
2, Make sure that a space of over 30mm should be available when the door is opened, otherwise your fingers may be squeezed by the door leaf and upright column,causing injury.
3, Never cut off power when the door is in operation, otherwise it will cause injury of the 
4, pedestrians.
5, Please use sticker on door leaves. If not,it will cause injury to the passer-by who has lost sight of the door leaf.
6, Never install an electric device with a capacity of >DC24V 300mA to the controller, 
otherwise it will cause fire.


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Installation of automatic door should be entrusted to the appointed distributer or professional installation personnel, otherwise it may be dangerous.