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Now we can see automatic sliding door everywhere. It can divide into frame door and frameless glass door. And they have different installation. Today we will introduce how to install automatic glass door.

1. The installation of fixed partition wall shall be carried out after the construction of other working procedures in the interior

Fixed partition and activity glass doors must be unified pay-off positioning, partition and glass doors of the positioning line according to the requirements of design drawings, determine frame position, to accurately measure the ground elevation and the frame at the top level.

2. Install the glass partition wall, the width of the ceiling slot at the top of the door should be greater than the glass thickness of 2 ~ 4mm, and the slot is between 20 ~ 30mm, so that the adhesive can be injected

The installation method can be used to draw the edges of two metal decorative plates from the center line of the projectile and then press the edge to install the ceiling slots at the top of the frame. The wooden pad in the slot is adjusted deep. Increase or decrease the adjustment of the pad.

3. Install the metal veneer base

The installation method can be nailed square wood on the original buried wood brick, or through the expansion bolt nail square wood, the square wood is fixed on the ground, then use the universal glue to attach the metal decorative panel to the wood side. Aluminium alloy square tube, usable aluminum Angle is fixed on the frame pillar, or with wooden screw is fixed in ground of wood brick.

Install the door frame

Press the centerline of the projectile to set the door frame square, and then use plywood to determine the shape and position of the frame column (note that the trim size should be reduced).Finally, outsource the metal trim, and place the trim on both sides of the glass.Joint position must be accurate and vertical.

5. Glass installation

Use a glass sucker (or a glass sucker) to absorb the thick glass, then hold the suction cup to lift the thick glass plate from 2 to 3 people and move it to the place of installation. Methods: foundation should insert frame at the top of the upper limit of the glass groove, and then put the bottom of the glass on tap to align the center line, and the installation location of good on both sides of the door frame, make the thick glass of two side just metal decoration face seam sealed doors, both inside and outside it invisible facing juncture.

6. Fixed glass

On tap wooden nail article two flat square inside and outside the thick glass caught in the middle, but from the plate glass need to set aside about 4 mm gap, and coating adhesive on the flat square bar will be facing plate sticking in the wood and two flat square bar.

7. Glass glue sealing

The glass glue is injected into the gap between the two sides of the top root slot and the glass slot of the bottom and the thick glass and the doorpost. The injection sequence should start from the end of a slot to the end of the end, without stopping.Operation main point is: hold caulking gun pressing handle the strength should be uniform, at the same time, the speed of moving along the crack to uniform, namely as the glass glue out, moving at a constant speed injection gate, make glass glue in aperture place form a homogeneous linear. Finally, remove the excess glass glue with a plastic sheet and wipe with a clean cloth

8. Connect the glass

Fixed part of the plate glass, because the width size is too big, must be assembled by two or more, two pieces of alignment stitching must form joint, butt seam should be 2 ~ 3 mm distance (glass incision for seam must be inverted). After the glass is fixed, want to use glass glue to enter a seam, fill hind also want to use plastic sheet to clean glue, make a seam to form a clean uniform line, the glass surface should use clean cloth wipe the glue trace.