1) The door is designed for emergency escape passage where large number of pedestrians will pass
2) At any position, any time when the door is working, it could be opened as swing door whenever emergency situation happens, which guarantees maximized exit space
3) When the panel position is set back to original, this door will perform initial setting automatically to switch back to sliding door.
4) Built in sensor could connect to monitor system of building. Alarm delay system could prevent mis-operation
5)Swing out function ,allowing larger items and staffs to pass

interior electric sliding door operator
electric sliding door systems residental

​Facial recognition sensor for automatic doors

Authorize the automatic doors opening function. This sensor camera is top mounted on the door head, to unlock any type of electric door with the facial recognition feature, good solution for access control.

1) Using magnetic levitation as a driving force. Smooth and quiet opening/closing. 
2) Slightly pushed 2CM by hand, the door will automatically open and close.
3) With excellent safety return function, super safety for children and elders.
4) Can manual open the door in the event of an emergency such as a power failure.
5) Can work as normal sliding door without automatically

6)  No brushless motor and no belt drive, thus less maintenance.
7) Ideal for domestic and healthcare applications.

LEADER Tianan automatic door systems has exported to worldwide, such as US, Canada, UK, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc,

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Linear magnetic drive sliding door operator

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​​​ELECTRIC sliding  door opeNER

*Elegant and modern design,smooth operation and quiet performance.

*Intelligent multi-CPU control system,providing easy adjustable  function and high security 

*The unique self-locking function, no need extra accessories

*Can be intergrated with access control systems

*Safety beam detector aviod injury people when the automatic door closing. 

*Easy installation

Our Services

Residential automatic door systems

​* Win-slider home use automatic sliding doors opener

* Easy install, without change existing door structure
* Compact size, nice appearance and moden design
* Systems can apply with sensor, remote control, push button, pet switch, photocell, card reader, lock and so on
* Window and door mode can be swithed arbitrarily
* 433.92hz model, can be suit with smart-home

Automatic telescopic sliding door openers are best solution for entrances with limited space, partition or want to expand and maximize opening width to narrow entrance door

Use maglev automatic sliding door actuator, it has super slim track (117mm wide), can be use for narrow pocket door. Can apply for 2 or 3 movable leaf. 


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AUTOMATIC swing door operator

* The working parameters can be adjusted directly on the controller.

* Adjustable closing speeds allow a motorized door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian safety. 

*Accessories can be connected to the controller directly

*Stop/Reverse in case of  obstruction during electric door opening/closing.

*Intergrate with access control systems 

*Modular design, maintenance-free construction, easy installation and replacement.

Handicap swing door opener

How do automatic door sensor work?
Once the sensor detects the presence of an object or movement, it sends a signal to the door's controller, which activates the motor to open or close the door accordingly. 

News and support:

electric sliding gate opener

​*Soft start and soft stop
*Stop/Reverse in case of  obstruction during gate  opening/closing.
*Emergency release key for  power failure.
*Adjustable Auto-Close interval
*​Movement indication - the  indicator lights up when the door  is moving.
​*Low heating, slide running, protect from water and burst.
*Overtime and overheating  protection for the sliding gate actuator

We offer a wide range of automatic entrance systems that can be customized to meet your needs. LEADER come to the best solution for your home, business, handicap or commercial needs.

Emergency escape automatic sliding door
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