How to use the touchless infrared switch:

   NON touch infrared switch Main function:


   Infrared sensor switch parameter:


Touchless switch

This product is self learning code type. The transmitter must be learned with the receiver before use.. Can learn up to 20 transmitters.
Learning method: press the learning button on the receiver and then release, the blue indicator light on and enter the learning state then sense the transmitter, the blue lights of the receiver will flicker twice, it means learning successed .
Deletion method: Press and hold the learning button for 5 seconds, the blue light flashes quickly, then it delete all the codes. (This product does not have a single deletion)


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Touchless switch for automatic door

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1.Non-contact induction by hand or reflective object, clean and hygienic
2.Instead of traditional mechanical contact switches, non-contact induction on the front of the hand is clean and hygienic. .
3.Strong anti-interference ability, effectively improve the ordinary infrared hand induction is affected by strong light interference and the problem of interference from other infrared products.
4.The sensing distance is adjustable (3-30cm), could be adjusted for different occasions.
5.The standard 86x86mm switch panel, wireless design, installation without wiring, installation is more flexible.
6.The panel adopts the laser engraving process and cooperates with the backlight display, which is fashionable and fashionable.
7.The dry contact output of the relay is convenient for connection with various door control devices.

8. The transmitter adopts low-power transmission technology, which has a long transmission distance, saves power and saves battery life.


Power supply: DC12-30V

Action current: 62mA(DC12VPower supply)

Main contact capacity: 1A 24VDC

Wireless switch:

Sensing distance: 3-30cm

Launch distance : No barrier 30M, Partition wall or metal shielding environment only 10 meters

Dimension: 86mmX86mm