Adopts infrared modulation and demodulation, which is not easy to be misjudged by interference
Non - contact induction with hands or reflective objects, clean and hygienic.
The induction distance is adjustable from 3-30cm. It can be adjusted for different occasions.
High sensitivity infrared , quick response.
Wireless transmission adopts 2.4g wireless communication technology, with good frequency consistency and high wireless transceiver stability
Low power consumption sensor panel design, long battery life
Receiver large capacity output, can be used with automatic door, and access control
After receiving the signal, the door opening signal is output for 1.5 seconds. It is equipped with LED indicator
Receiver wide voltage input design, 12 ~ 30V DC power input

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Non touch infrared for automatic door



   How to use the touchless infrared switch:

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   NON touch infrared switch Main function:



Non touch infrared switch


Adopts the self-learning code type. When using the wireless function, the transmitter must be matched with the receiver.Can learn up to 20 transmitters.
Learning method: press the learning key on the receiver for 1 second to release the blue indicator light on and enter the learning state then activation the transmitter, the blue lights flicker twice, means learning successed .
Deletion method: Press and hold the learning button for 5 seconds, the blue light flashes quickly means delete all the codes

   Infrared sensor switch parameter:


Power supply: 12-30V

Static current: 34mA(DC12VPower supply)

Dynamic current: 62mA(DC12VPower supply)

Dimension: 110mm(L)×30mm(W)×15mm(H)

Wireless switch:

Power supply: 6V (4 pcs AA batteries)

Operating current: 10mA

Infrared modulation frequency: 38KHz

Infrared scanning interval: 100ms

Response time: ≤ 130ms

​​Working humidity: 10∽ 90%RH

Launch distance : More than 30meters in the open area,Partition wall or metal shielding environment only 10 meters

Dimension: 129mm(L)×129mm(W)×46mm(H)