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Product has both hands sensor and press switch for autodoor access control system. It adopt the frequency stabilization technology of SAW resonator, which has good frequency consistency and high stability of wireless transceiver. Hand press transmitter adopt low power of transmission technology, which has the characteristic of long transmitting distance, low power consumption and long battery life. With large capacity contact signal output, it can be used for external automatic door machine and electric lock access control. Use self-learning code, convenient for customers to add hand press switch at anytime. Wide voltage input design, 12-36V AC/DC power input is valid. 

hand sensor and touch switch

  2 in 1 sensor and switch Features:


Power supply AC/DC12-36V 
Static Current 15mA
Action Current 80mA (wireless receiver)
Relay contact capacity 20A  14VDC (Wireless receiver)
Power supply 6V  (2/pcs 3V battery)
Emission Current 3.9mA
Transmitting frequency    2.4GHZ     
Life of Battary more than 20000 times
Transmit distance more than 25M -30℃-50℃   
Operation temperature -42°C - 45°C
Operation Humidity 10-90%RH
34MM (L) x 34MM (W) x 11.4MM (H) (Pushing panel)
123MM (L) x 50MM (W) x 32MM (H)  (Receiver )


Hand sensor and press switch 2 in 1




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