Presence curtain sensor

Power output: AC/DC 12 30V(-/+10%)
Type of ray: Infrared light modulation
Photosource : Infrared 940mm
Light beam: 8 channel transmit, 8 channel receive
Quiescent current: 35mA
Working current: 73mA
Self-learn time: 15s
Operating display: Standby: blue LED,Detecting: red LED
Temperature range:  -40℃ - 60℃
Maximum installation: 2500mm
Maximum detection area: 2000(W)×500(D)mm
Hold-Up time: 500ms
Response time: ≤100ms
Changeover mode: High/Low sensitivity and FA/FB adjustable
Signal output: Relay,1 pair contact point optional
Mechanical behavior:  Maximum
IP: IP 54
Connection: 1-1.5 mm ² 5 pin terminal
Shell:  ABS
Optical surface:  PMMA
Installation: Exposed or Conceal
Weight: about 145 g
Dimension Exposed: 200(L)×49(W) 32(H)mm ×
Conceal: 152(L)×38(W) ×25 (H)mm

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   Automatic sliding door presence curtain infrared sensor parameters:

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1, Advanced infrared scanning technology. Stable and reliable.
2, This curtain sensor are special designed for automatic sliding door to detection and keep safety. High accuracy.
3, Have function of background self-learn. Can learn background automatically when power on.

4, Suit all kinds of occasions.
5, Always self-correcting once be influenced by quake, distortion, move, dark and sunshine. Ensure the sensor can work durable.

Presence curtain sensor for automatic sliding doors