USB CAR Tag for automatic gate:


Smart car transmitter

   How to use the smart car tag:

Model Number: 092-A2L
Code: Rolling Code
Button: 4 Buttons
Function: Automatic
Use range: 2-5m
Voltage: 12-24V AC/DC
Channel: 2 Channels
Usage: automatic gate and door opener
Weight: 0.1kg

Car USB transmitter for automatic gate opener


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Wireless Usb 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver for automatic gate and door opener, when you drive your car near the gate, it will automatically open the gate, after power off the car, the gate will close.

One key start and stop USB car link. Do not adjust angels.
1、Free battery. Environmental friendly.
2、Hands-free. Don't have to look around.
3、Light weight. Low freight.
4、Small size. Easy to hide.



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Car USB tag for automatic door

There are six wires in Mini Carlink RX, the black wire and the red wire are for the power supply( 12v- 24v AC/DC)
Take power from the gate motor control panel, or use external power supply .
The yellow and white wires are for the opening signal, and the blue and green wires are the gate closing signal.
If the gate motor has automatic close function, you do not need to use the second channel. If the gate motor does not have automatic close function, you can connect the second channel and the door will close after 10s once disconnecting the power to the USB plug. Or the gate will close automatically when the car is not in the detect distance.